Maintenance Services

Fault detection and expert judgment

Identification of defective components of each type of smart device for maintenance work and expert assessment for insurance indemnity together with the market price value of the device.

22 – 42€

Copying data to an external device

Copying data from any broken smart device to an external device and delete it from the old device.

28 – 43€

Software recovery and upgrade

Solving problems with any smart device software, including recovering a forgotten security code or pattern.

28 – 47€

Replacement of a spare part with a part purchased from Mobix

Replacement of a broken spare part on all smart devices – touch panel, glass, display module, chip, earpiece, switches, camera, speaker, vibration motor, antenna, ribbon cables, sensors, battery, microphone and housing parts.
NB! The price of a spare part is excluded

23 – 57€

Replacement of a spare part with a component purchased elsewhere

Mobix is not responsible for or guarantees the quality and reliability of spare parts purchased from third parties.



Dry cleaning to remove water damage to from all smart devices. The need for dry cleaning and the probability of success in rescuing the device due to expert assessment.


Priority handling, urgent maintenance

Priority handling of maintenance work, the cost of spare parts is added to the price.


A solution to every problem

We service phones, tablets and laptops, smartwatches and other smart devices from all smart device manufacturers. Our spare parts and services portfolio includes the following smart device manufacturers:

Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Asus, Apple, Asus, BlackBerry, Meizu, Motorola, Myphone, Prestigio, ZTE. And many more, feel free to ask!

Transparent pricing policy

The price list of our services is separate from the spare parts needed to implement the service, while being able to ensure the best price on the market. Ask for spare part availability and price +372 5225 384!


We only use original spare parts (OEMs) originally used by the manufacturer for maintenance, and we provide a 3-month warranty for all maintenance services performed.

Maintenance conditions

§ The work performed by Mobix is guaranteed for a period of three months from the receipt of the telephone.
§ The document certifying the existence of the guarantee is the invoice paid for the maintenance work. The guarantee is valid only if the telephone is used properly.
§ Mobix is not responsible for the storage of data in the phone’s memory.
§ Mobix does not guarantee the maintenance of mobile phones with liquid damage and does not return the money taken for the work performed. Mobix does not satisfy the claims for the work done to eliminate the liquid damage.
§ The phone will be kept in a service center for up to three months after the maintenance

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